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The Inauspicious Tale of Adolphus Finnegan

Mister Adolphus Finnegan was a pleasant chap, if a little seclusive. His daily forest-path meanderings were routed so as to minimize chance meetings with other meanderers. He called these his “refreshing ambulations”, and continued them well into his elderhood.

He lived a long, well-refreshed, pleasant, but secluded kind of life.

This story was based on a title provided by @Keab42.

Facing Off

Lily and Lile worked in the same library, and they had very different views on the topic of censorship.

“But don’t you think–” whispered Lily.

“Shh!” said Lile, shushing her.

“Shhhh!!” shushed Liza, one of their coworkers.

“Shhhhhh!!!” shushed Lily enthusiastically.

“SHH SHHHHHHHHH!!!” shushed their manager over the library-wide intercom.

This story was based on a prompt suggested by Nancy Cavanaugh via Facebook.