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TIM SEVENHUYSEN: Tell Us Your Stories

Only my son knew my history, he types, hunt and peck. Now he’s gone.

A sigh. Who will bother to read the products of his aged fingers?

Rap, rap. A girl and her mother at the door. School project, she says. “Tell me about the war?”

He will be remembered.

Lest we forget.

The Curse of Planet X

“Where are we?” grumbled Trim, rolling out of bed.

“Planet X!” enthused Portly.

“What!? Why?!”

“I dunno,” said Portly. “It’s a ‘forbidden fruit’ thing, I guess.”

“But don’t you know about the Curse?”

“What curse?” said Portly.

Trim groaned haggardly. “Now we’ll never be able to recite the alphabet again!”

This story is based on a title suggested by @keab42.