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A Joyous Occasion

“Ow! Oooooow!! Ouch! Ooh… Aah… Huuuaaaah… OH!! Woooow… Whoa! Aaaah! It burns! Eeeeek! Aaaaargh! Nyyyuuuurrgh… WWWAAAAAAAAUUGHH!! Hoooly mother of painburgersssss… GRROOOOAARGH IT HURTS SO BAAAAD!! No, why, why!?!? Ooow!! Never again! I swear on your grandmother’s grave if you ever even BHAAAAAUGH!!! OW OW OW!!”

“…I said I was sorry.”

EMAAN ATHER: A Musing in Biology

The ant on Amy’s desk grew even bigger.

Amy looked around. No one seemed to notice.

The ant stared at Amy with its dinner plate-sized eyes, then sprouted wings and flew towards Mrs. Spencer, who screamed. Amy smiled.

”Do you find biology amusing, Amy?” Mrs. Spencer asked with a frown.

Emaan, 13, loves to write!


“If a tree falls in the jungle,” said my captor, “no one can hear you scream.”

I¬†slowly loosened¬†my bonds. “I think you’re misquoting that.”

He snorted, hacking at the tree with his axe.

He was right. I fled as the tree crushed him, and I heard no screams.