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My chest pounded as I stared at the bed. There lay floral sheets, closed eyes, and my mother’s frail fingers still warm in my hand.

“Let go,” she had said.

“No,” I had told her.

When the fingers grew cold I heard her voice again. That’s when I let go.

Gwendolyn Jacob is rediscovering her fictional roots and has several works in progress.

C- in Villain 101

Shocking, isn’t it? Can you take the heat? Try not to lose your cool!”

Bullman sighed. “So that’s why you have the electric eel, the soldering iron, and the snowball? Give me a break. This is embarassing.”

Doctor Awful shrugged. “I have a plasma shotgun behind me, if you’d prefer.”

Normally today’s story would be from a guest author, since it’s a Monday, but during the Contest period Mondays will be used for normal stories.