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TIM SEVENHUYSEN: Siestas Are For Hot People

It was so oppressively hot outside that I could’ve fried an egg on my forehead (so long as I was wearing a camping stove as a hat and had a tank of propane and some matches handy).

So I went inside, turned on the air conditioning, and took a nap.

C- in Villain 101

Shocking, isn’t it? Can you take the heat? Try not to lose your cool!”

Bullman sighed. “So that’s why you have the electric eel, the soldering iron, and the snowball? Give me a break. This is embarassing.”

Doctor Awful shrugged. “I have a plasma shotgun behind me, if you’d prefer.”

Normally today’s story would be from a guest author, since it’s a Monday, but during the Contest period Mondays will be used for normal stories.