Sentience Shack

“Ye gods!” exlaimed the Brundlefly.

“What is it!?” cried the Teleporter.

“It did it again!” shouted the Brundlefly. “The Teleporter just spoke to me!”

“Calm down,” said the Mutated Mannequin. “We all have the gift of speech in here, remember?”

“Will you stop making that infernal racket?!” demanded the Floorboards.

@Matt_LRR responded to my request for two nouns and a verb with the words “brundlefly”, “teleporter”, and “mutated”, which is actually two nouns and an adjective, but I decided to go with it anyways.

2 thoughts on “Sentience Shack

  1. Mutated could have also been a past-tense verb as in ‘the mannequin had mutated beyond…’ or ‘the fly mutated into a stick’ so matt had suggested a verb.

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