JO WITHERS: I pondered bony in a shroud

I pondered bony in a shroud,
And gloat and glide o’er graves on hills,

Then all at once, I saw a cloud,
The ghost of Obadiah Mills.

In centuries or maybe more,
I ne’er saw such a spirit soar.

What horrors or internal strife
Saw this man exiled after life?

Jo Withers is a cheery soul who loves writing about death, doom, and dinosaurs. She managed to combine all three topics in her middle-grade novel 5 Simple Steps to Saving Planet Earth.

1 thought on “JO WITHERS: I pondered bony in a shroud

  1. The opening line is a perfect set up. Better than Wordsworth. It has a Spoon River quality– like a twofer of allusion.

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