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JO WITHERS: Goodbye Google

“Hey Google, close the blinds.”

“Hey Google, dim the lights.”

“Hey Google, start my favourite slow classics playlist.”

“Hey Google, send out all the last messages to friends and family from my draft box.”

“Hey Google, administer the anaesthetic and switch off the power to my ventilator.”

“Hey Google, Goodbye.”

Jo Withers worries that technology is getting out of hand and avoids it wherever possible. She is author of the middle-grade science-fiction novel “5 Simple Steps to Saving Planet Earth.”

JO WITHERS: I pondered bony in a shroud

I pondered bony in a shroud,
And gloat and glide o’er graves on hills,

Then all at once, I saw a cloud,
The ghost of Obadiah Mills.

In centuries or maybe more,
I ne’er saw such a spirit soar.

What horrors or internal strife
Saw this man exiled after life?

Jo Withers is a cheery soul who loves writing about death, doom, and dinosaurs. She managed to combine all three topics in her middle-grade novel 5 Simple Steps to Saving Planet Earth.