8 thoughts on “JOHN H DROMEY: The Inside Story, or Everyone’s a Critic

    1. Thanks to all of you above for your positive comments. A friend hoped she wasn’t the inspiration for the story. She wasn’t. Beyond having some fun with the topic, I let her know my intention was to be generic, despite having my fair share of negative comments about my writing through the years. I’ve also benefited, from time to time, from constructive criticism which proved to be helpful either with an individual story or in general.

      1. To use an oxymoron, sometimes something positive can be gained from something negative. The trick is not to let any perceived negativity get you down. May the Muse perch on your shoulder a while yet. Keep on truckin’ John.

        1. Thanks, David. I wondered where my Muse was off to. She used to perch on the carriage of a manual typewriter. By the way, your story “Rage” (posted today) is nicely constructed. Not a word wasted.

  1. Thank you. Ah, the heady days of typing a few hundred words and not watching them disappear before your eyes. “Save” buttons indeed! Who they?

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