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Stories about Timothy Thicke and Evan Edgelow.

THICKE AND EDGELOW 5: The Martial Artist’s Blank Canvas

“It’s time you learned to defend yourself,” Evan Edgelow said to Timothy Thicke.

“Great!” said Thicke. “Can I learn muay thai?”

“Muay thai is an advanced–”

“Just like Tony Jaa!” said Thicke, swinging an elbow.

Edgelow caught Thicke’s arm and slammed him to the ground.

“Sorry,” he said. “Reflexes.”


“Someone’s in my house trying to kill me!” cried Timothy Thicke into his cell phone. “I’m by my bathroom window.”

“Duck, please,” said Evan Edgelow into his bluetooth headset, two thousand yards away.

Thicke ducked.

Edgelow fired his sniper rifle.

“Got him,” Edgelow said. “He was coming up behind you.”

THICKE AND EDGELOW 3: Timing is Everything

Two men ran for the exit.

“Wait!” said Edgelow. “We can’t leave yet.”

“It’s gonna blow!” cried Thicke.

“Wait…” said Edgelow. “Three, two…”

He kicked the doors open, grabbed Thicke by the arm, and leapt.

The building exploded. As they flew through the air, Edgelow mugged for the watching cameras.



Two men burst through a stained-glass window and plummeted downwards.

One man screamed aloud.

The second man suavely raised an arm and caught the first as a parachute ballooned out of his sleeve.

“You saved me again!” cried Timothy Thicke.

Evan Edgelow smiled. “It’s what I do. Now, run!”

THICKE AND EDGELOW 1: Hostage Rescue

After disarming the bomb in the locomotive’s engine, Evan Edgelow fought his way to the caboose, where the hostages were. He cut the car loose and began loading people into the bus.

“Where’s my kitty?” cried a distraught child.

Evan reached inside his jacket. “Right here,” he said.

Everyone cheered.