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For one summer, we were best of friends. Autumn undid us, something in the changing colours, the changing winds.

We hardly spoke during tenth grade. Then June arrived. I hoped, childishly, that the sunlight would reunite us.

Life may move in cycles, but you never cross the same river twice.

Trickster Genie

The genie gave him three wishes.

He wished he could fly.

The genie granted his wish, so he flew and flew and flew.

He wished he could land.

The genie granted his wish, so he fell and fell and fell.

He wished he could survive the fall.

The genie winked.

Oliver Was A Clumsy Fellow

On Monday, Oliver fell on his face.

On Tuesday, Oliver fell down the stairs.

On Wednesday, Oliver fell on a girl.

On Thursday, Oliver fell in love.

On Friday, Oliver fell into a ring store.

On Saturday, Oliver made it all the way down the aisle without falling even once.