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Modern-Day Beverly Hillbillies

He called me at work. “The house is flooding!” he said, then laughed.

I rushed home, panicking. He was wading knee-deep through black sludge in the living room. “It’s crude oil!” he said. “It’s coming in through the bathtub! We’re rich!”

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have lit that celebratory cigarette.

This story was based on the prompt “it’s crude” at TypeTrigger.

THICKE AND EDGELOW 3: Timing is Everything

Two men ran for the exit.

“Wait!” said Edgelow. “We can’t leave yet.”

“It’s gonna blow!” cried Thicke.

“Wait…” said Edgelow. “Three, two…”

He kicked the doors open, grabbed Thicke by the arm, and leapt.

The building exploded. As they flew through the air, Edgelow mugged for the watching cameras.