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Plausible Deniability

What a mess.

Wish I’d known it was staged from the start. These fools must’ve considered me a pawn, thought I’d turn and run when the bullets started flying. I was their plausible deniability…

But life doesn’t follow anyone’s script.

I’d better dump these fools’ corpses before someone happens by.

This story was based on the prompt “it was staged” at TypeTrigger.

Cataloguing Errors

Kevin clung desperately to the lip of the mile-high cliff, wondering which of today’s six poor choices had been most to blame for his predicament.

His sweat-slick palms gave way, and too late he noticed the ledge he could have dropped safely onto.

So, the seventh mistake, then.


Sigmund dove for cover, gunshots ringing in his ears.

“Hello,” said Carl’s ghost.

“Girly scream!” said Sigmund.

“You just killed me,” said Carl’s ghost.

“…Sorry?” squeaked Sigmund.

Carl’s ghost shrugged.

“Blam!” said Carl’s partner’s gun as it shot Sigmund.

“Girly scream!” said Carl’s partner.

“I’m really hungry,” said Carl’s ghost.