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Hide, Hide, Don’t Dare to Breathe

I crouch, bound in tension, not daring to move, not daring to breathe, not daring to blink, lest I be discovered. The consequences would be extremely unsavoury…

Someone enters the room, stops, inhales deeply. Can they smell me? They depart.

I peek. The coast is clear.

This pie is MINE!

Trouble With the Neighbours

Billy Goat was waiting in the yard when Mrs. Wolf came strolling by with her son in a stroller.

“Good morning,” said Mrs. Wolf.

“Have you seen my squirrel?” said Billy, icily.

“Your little pet?” Something inside the stroller squeaked desperately. “Ah,” said Mrs. Wolf. “Well, boys will be boys!”

Crime Scene Instigators

Today we’ve got too many professional law-upholders sittin’ at home, out of a job. Why? ‘Cause they do their work too well! Nobody treats crime like business anymore. It’s a risk versus reward thing.

That’s why I got a government bank account and a brand-new job description: increase the reward.

Detailed Lunch Heist

Jimmy always brought tater tots to school. Worse, he flaunted them.

That made him a target.

Ryan drew the plans up, Kevin swiped the locker keys, Megan played the decoy, and Aiden prepped the route to the hideout.

But Brandon forgot to bring the ketchup, so they tattled on him.

This story is based on a title suggested by a participant in a 50-word stories live-writing session.

Keep Your Hands, Legs, and Necks Inside the Vehicle At All Times

George and Geoffrey Giraffe, those rascally brothers, were bored one day, so they decided to “borrow” a helicopter.

“We’ll have a whale of a time!” they told each other. “Let’s tie a net to the chopper and dredge up an orca!”

But they’d forgotten that their necks were so long.

This story was based on a call for two mammals and a vehicle. @BlameWizards provided giraffe, whale, and helicopter.