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Facing Off

Lily and Lile worked in the same library, and they had very different views on the topic of censorship.

“But don’t you think–” whispered Lily.

“Shh!” said Lile, shushing her.

“Shhhh!!” shushed Liza, one of their coworkers.

“Shhhhhh!!!” shushed Lily enthusiastically.

“SHH SHHHHHHHHH!!!” shushed their manager over the library-wide intercom.

This story was based on a prompt suggested by Nancy Cavanaugh via Facebook.

Conflict Resolution

Jane liked yogourt.

Jake liked pudding.

They had little spats about which one was better pretty frequently. Mother told them they shouldn’t spit, though, so they started having tiffs, instead. Mother told them tiffs were an outdated file format, though, so they started bickering instead. Mom said that was ok.

The Day the Fat Lady Sang

My wife and I had an argument. She wanted to spend a hundred bucks each on opera tickets, and I wanted to play World of Warcraft.

The argument lasted for days, and neither of us would budge.

In the end, we compromised. I went along, but I brought my netbook.

This story was based on the titled as submitted by @Wo0t via Twitter.