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The Letter Opener: Part 1-3

Herbert Cralston thought queues at office-supply stores were an insufferable, stress-fueled convening of frantic, Blackberry-wielding, over-caffeinated Deputy Thises and Assistant Thats with crooked ties and runs in their pantyhose, frequently all seeking to purchase the same object.

It made Herbert feel stabby; he bought a letter opener made of steel.

The Letter Opener: Part 1-2

“Here it is, sir,” Herbert said, plunking a stapler down in front of a mahogany placard which was embossed with the name “Sir Dr. Willifred the Ninth VanDerGilder the Third, PhD, MA, MSc, BA, with an A-minus average since Grade 4.”

“I asked for a letter opener,” said the Boss.

The Letter Opener: Part 1-1

“Cralston! Bring me a letter opener!”

Herbert Cralston blearily lifted his head, fished around inside his desk with one hand while haphazardly tucking his shirt in with the other, slipped on his leather shoes, then stood and wobbled into his boss’s office.

Too late, he realized he’d forgotten his socks.