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I am getting married tomorrow.

For those of you on the east coast, or in Europe, tomorrow is already today. I envy you.

Today has been a busy day. Tomorrow will be, as well. That’s why I’m writing this instead of a real story.

I hope you don’t mind. Thanks!

NEWS: Guest Week and Book Price Reduction

This week is going to look a little different from most weeks at 50WS. Instead of having one story from a guest writer and four from me, you’re going to be seeing five great stories sent in by readers.

The reason for doing a full guest week is that I’m getting married in 12 days, and life is a little… hectic, to say the least. I barely have time to think about writing more stories right now.

I’m not 100% sure what next week will look like yet, but I know that the stories you’ll be seeing this week are really good, even if I didn’t write them. :)


On another note, as you’ll see in the announcement area at the top of the page, I’ve dropped the prices on my book to $2.99 for the ebook and $9.99 for the print book from Lulu. Hit up the Store to see how you can grab a (now more affordable) copy for yourself!