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Home Defense

“When they open up that door, you’re gonna whop ’em on the knees with your shovel, okay, son?”

Little Harley nodded his freckled nose and gripped his shovel as tight as he could.

Jim leveled his shotgun. Wasn’t every year you got to do the surprising on your own birthday.

This story was based on the prompt “when they come” at TypeTrigger.

Taking an Aging Break

“Blow out the candles, Fraser! Yay!”

Fraser Wendel Summers shook his chubby hands in delight. Two years old!

He’d been born February 22, 2009, but had taken an “aging break” in the spring of 2010. He hadn’t liked having a February birthday.

July wasn’t his favourite, either. Next time he’d aim for August.

His initials are FWS. Get it? Get it!?

It’s been a great two years. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading my stories and sending in submissions of their own! You all deserve some birthday cake, courtesy of my wife and me.

Enjoy some Fifty-Word Stories birthday cake!

I’m really looking forward to recharging for Year Three, which I’m planning to start on August 1, 2011. Until then, enjoy some more great guest stories.

NEWS: Guest Week and Book Price Reduction

This week is going to look a little different from most weeks at 50WS. Instead of having one story from a guest writer and four from me, you’re going to be seeing five great stories sent in by readers.

The reason for doing a full guest week is that I’m getting married in 12 days, and life is a little… hectic, to say the least. I barely have time to think about writing more stories right now.

I’m not 100% sure what next week will look like yet, but I know that the stories you’ll be seeing this week are really good, even if I didn’t write them. :)


On another note, as you’ll see in the announcement area at the top of the page, I’ve dropped the prices on my book to $2.99 for the ebook and $9.99 for the print book from Lulu. Hit up the Store to see how you can grab a (now more affordable) copy for yourself!


It was Jasmine’s birthday.

“It’s my birthday!” said Jasmine.

She had been born seventeen years before.

“I was born exactly seventeen years ago!” said Jasmine.

Jasmine wanted to have a party.

“Yay!” said Jasmine.

“Darling,” said Jasmine’s mother, “your birthday is tomorrow. Go back to bed.”

“Oh,” said Jasmine. “Whoops.”

NOGARD 7: New Friends and Fleshrot

Young Princess Emeldatine sat in her tower, surveying the kingdom she would one day inherit. “When I’m Queen, I’ll make every day my birthday!” she declared.

Nurse chuckled. “You’d get old pretty quickly!”

“I’ll also have a pet dragon,” said Emeldatine. “Like the moldy one at the window!”

Nurse fainted.

She Didn’t Like Surprises

Cowering under a table, Lee listened and waited.

They were coming.

Lee saw their socked feet move through the kitchen, past her hiding place. They stopped outside her bedroom door…

…then flung it open, shouting, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!”

She stifled a scream, scrambled out from under the table, and fled.