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All Good Spy-Action Heroes Have the Initials J.B.

Jared Brown, secret agent, mouthed a silent “Thank you” to the eccentric elderly gentleman who had insisted he install the high-tech self-deploying winch into the boot of his European sports car, which was currently hanging by said winch, with him inside it, from the ledge of an exceedingly tall cliff.

@captainmakr┬áresponded to my request for two nouns and a verb over Twitter with the words “car”, “boot”, and “hang”.

I chose to use the word “boot” in the British sense, to mean the trunk of a car. Creative license!

Around the World in Eighty Meals

She sat on the couch and wished she was in Italy eating sushi with chopsticks. Or in Guam eating steak with a spork. She’d even settle for pizza in the Bahamas, or a spoon and some carrots…

But she was older now, and darn it, she was on a diet!

This story was written with input from @zaro27, @Caelum_Sky, @clayben, and @captainmakr on Twitter, who provided me with some interesting foods, countries, and eating utensils.