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This Story Ends With A Really Lame Pun

“Mom, my square-shaped brand-name cereal tastes like O-shaped brand-name cereal!”

“Don’t you mean diamond-shaped, dear?”

“No, Mom. That was just a clever marketing scheme! They’ve been square-shaped all along! And I don’t want them to taste like O-shapes!”

“You should write a letter and deliver¬†it to the Post office!”

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: The Prince’s Portions, or Anorexia: It’s What’s For Breakfast

“That’s enough!” roared the Prince.

“But Your Majesty…”

“I said that’s enough!”

The page lowered his head and cautiously withdrew the cereal box. “But the doctor said–”

“Hang the doctor!” shouted the Prince. “Behead him! If I only want to eat six Cheerios, I’m only¬†going to eat six Cheerios!”