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A Boy and His Snail

Maurice accidentally sautéed his beloved pet snail. As it fried, it moved in the pan in a strange, almost rythmic pattern.

On the gravestone in the backyard, Maurice wrote, “He was slow to make friends until he started coming out of his shell, but sadly his hopes were ultimately crushed…”

This story was assembled using pieces sent to me via Twitter from @MoosePhysh, @gameking128, and @piers_hollott.

A Sudden and Decisive Revolution

Thousands of ducks overwhelmed the streets of North Crundria. The city was in an uproar.

“Ducks!?” cried the frightened, confused masses. “But… Aren’t they extinct?!”

A zoologist stood on his porch. “I warned you all,” he said. “The balance has shifted. And I, for one, welcome our new Duck Overlords.”

This story was inspired by suggestions from @gameking128 (“duck”), @Graham_LRR (“North Crundria”), and @HootieD (“to shift”) via Twitter.