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The Stars Awaken

Every morning, as the sun comes up, the stars awaken.

Stars are not nocturnal, as many assume. They actually sleep all night and dance during the day, when their predators, the owls, can’t see them.

So when you see a shooting star, remember: a hungry owl is chasing after it.

This story is based on a title suggested by @facelesscog.

For Our Protection

“You have a gun? That’s crazy! I don’t want that in here!”

“Relax. It’s perfectly safe.”

“But guns are used for shooting things.”

“Yeah, like bad guys. Or moose.”

“But… Wait, what about bears?”

“Sure, I could shoot those.”

“The fewer bears in the world, the better. Get on it!”

This story is dedicated to Kate, who provided the title that inspired it.

The Awkward Commuting of Dragon-Hunter Darla

Darla’s commute was awful: it took two hours to get from her downtown apartment to the wastelands, where she hunted the secret dragons.

Her friends thought she was a paralegal. They might ask uncomfortable questions if she moved to the suburbs, and it was already hard enough hiding the scars.