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Order Online Now

“Didja see that new offer on the television set?”

“Yeah, I seen it.”

“Sez we can get internets fer only a coupla bucks a month!”

“I said I seen it.”

“So, d’ya wanna?”

“Heck, alright. How’d we go ’bout it?”

“Offer sez order online.”

“What’s ‘online’?”

“Heck if I know.”

This story is based on a title suggested by @klancashire.

Interglobal Connectivity

“Life must have really sucked before we harnessed wormholes for space travel, ended poverty, and discovered telepathy,” thought Dangar, sitting in his bedroom on the third moon of Beta Centauri.

“It did,” thought his grandfather, lightyears away on Repsilon Nine. “But it was even worse before we built the internet.”