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Sadness, Delicious Sadness

Chick flicks, tragedies, heartbreaking anti-romances… She couldn’t get enough. Those faces on the screen, looming large, eyes, noses, mouths puckered in anguish, terrified: “Love me! Love me! I don’t want to be alone!”

Her hard drives were filled to the brim with her obsession. She was downloading torrents of tears.

This story was based on the prompt “torrents” at TypeTrigger.

Order Online Now

“Didja see that new offer on the television set?”

“Yeah, I seen it.”

“Sez we can get internets fer only a coupla bucks a month!”

“I said I seen it.”

“So, d’ya wanna?”

“Heck, alright. How’d we go ’bout it?”

“Offer sez order online.”

“What’s ‘online’?”

“Heck if I know.”

This story is based on a title suggested by @klancashire.

Don’t Rain on My Parade

“It’s gonna rain today!” declared Old Oliver. “I smell it in the air!”

“It’s gonna rain today!” declared Senile Sam. “I feel it in my knees!”

“It’s gonna rain today!” declared Geriatric Jim. “I hear it in the wind!”

“It’s gonna rain today,” said Teenaged Tracy. “The television told me.”