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MARY SCHERMER: Unconditional

I awoke in the cell, hoping, knowing Tim would come for me. He loved me. No matter what.

Even when I tried to kill the neighbors.

“Kate,” he murmured, stroking my hair, “let’s go home. It’s okay. I fenced in the yard so you can’t chase the neighborhood cats anymore!”

Mary Schermer lives in a small town on the southern shore of Lake Erie and writes short stories for enjoyment.

A World Set On Mute

It had been snowing for hours, days, weeks. I stood in the window, gazing out at my quiet suburban neighbourhood, a world set on Mute.

I could still hear his last breath inside my head, even from beneath the snow. By the time it melted, I’d be far, far away.

This story was based on the TypeTrigger prompt “on mute.”

The Flee Market

“Grapplin’ hooks, skeleton keys, guard uniforms… I got everythin’ you need, man.”

“You charge a lot, Skivvy.”

“It ain’t easy to get stuff like this into my cell.”

“True dat.”

“But let me tell you, gettin’ nabbed for murder’s the most profitable thing I ever done. I’m makin’ a killing!”