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Detailed Lunch Heist

Jimmy always brought tater tots to school. Worse, he flaunted them.

That made him a target.

Ryan drew the plans up, Kevin swiped the locker keys, Megan played the decoy, and Aiden prepped the route to the hideout.

But Brandon forgot to bring the ketchup, so they tattled on him.

This story is based on a title suggested by a participant in a 50-word stories live-writing session.

BONUS: Choose Your Own Adventure – You’re in a Boat

There are 50 unitalicized words in this story, not including line numbers. The italicized words are instructions: you may choose one option and go to the appropriate line to continue your adventure!

Have fun!

1.You’re in a boat.

Line 2: Jump out.
Line 3: Eat lunch.
Line 4: Raise pirate flag.

2. You’re swimming.

Line 1: Get in the boat.
Line 5: Eat lunch.
Line 6: Dive.

3. Yum! Now you’re full.

Go to Line 1.

4. You’re in a fearsome pirate boat.

Line 2: Jump out.
Line 7: Attack a freighter.

5. Soggy food! Yuck.

Go to Line 2.

6. You’re on the ocean floor.

Line 2: Swim upwards.
Line 8: Attack a freighter.
Line 9: Explore.

7. A lubber lops off your hand.

Line 10: Staunch the bleeding.
Line 11: Shoot the lubber.

8. You are chopped up by the freighter’s propeller.

The End

9. You drown.

The End

10. While bandaging yourself, you are shot.

The End

11. You bleed to death.

The End

Bourbon For Breakfast

He’d killed his first outlaw after drinking bourbon for breakfast; it had become part of his routine.

For similar reasons, he drank saké for supper and lemonade for lunch, though he didn’t much advertise the latter.

One time he swallowed mud at midnight, so he let the train robbers go.

This story is based on a title suggested by the ever profuse @MisterFiendZero.


“You know what’s so great about lunch?”

“Yeah! It’s spelled like ‘launch’ but without the A!”

“That is great, but what’s even greater is that it’s like the contents of the sandwich, and breakfast and supper are the bread! That’s why lunch tastes the best!”

“I hate sandwiches!”

“Me too!”