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Barry the Wise Old Bear

“Once AGAIN, I remind you that NO ANIMALS are allowed in the classroom during an examination.”

Jeremy patted the enormous grizzly bear’s head. “Why not?”

“He might, er, help you cheat.”

“Barry would NEVER do that,” said Jeremy, surreptitiously hiding his exam paper, on which he’d written “Grrr, grroowl, roooaarr.”

This story was based on the prompt “once again” at TypeTrigger.

Passing the Buck

“Ooooooooh, shiny!” Mindy picked up the loonie and was instantly surrounded by every grubby-fingered toddler on the playground. “Back, you brats!” she shouted, holding it high. “It’s MINE!”

“I’ll take that,” snapped the kindergarten teacher, snatching the loonie.

“I’ll take that,” said the principal.

“I’ll take that,” said the government.