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MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS WINNER: Joey To – The Useless Suspects

Five men lined up, all with greasy moustaches and wearing dark blue shirts.

I scanned. Not him. No… No…

I turned to the sergeant beside me. “The last two are identical twins. How am I supposed to tell?”

He shrugged… But then I noticed the thin cuts below his nose.

Joey has never participated in a police line-up. Instead, he prefers to line up some potatoes, peel them one by one, cook them, and then eat them. And he also tries to write a little.

Editor: Joey is the winner of the Moustache Memoirs contest and the $15 Amazon gift card! His story also wins this week’s Story of the Week.

MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Sophia Netterfield – Moustache

His perfectly groomed mustache announced that he was a true gentleman. And gentlemen stayed awake past sunset to enjoy the quiet, finer hours of life.

He tugged at the lady’s arm, demanding her attention to convey this fact.

His mother looked down and startled. “Get that worm off your face!”

Sophia Netterfield is a first-year university student studying psychology because brains are bizarre.

MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Jim Purdy – Short Flaxen Waxen

She didn’t walk, she glided to the far end of the bar. She had a body most women would kill for, plus flowing blonde hair, aquamarine eyes, high cheekbones, and a dazzling smile.

Moving closer, it became clear to me that she was a natural blonde: her moustache revealed it!

Jim Purdy is a retired engineering manager who lives in Oregon and spends his day with his faithful dog who never gives him disparagement.  She wags her tail as he reads her whatever he has just written.

MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Deborah Davis – Juxtaposition

Several of Lily’s co-workers grew moustaches that November. Her eyes watering, she forced herself to smile and congratulate them. She made a generous donation to fight cancer.

That evening, at the drugstore, Lily decided to try a different brand of bleach cream.

The electrolysis appointment was still two weeks away.

Deborah Davis lives and writes in Richland, Michigan, with her trusty dog, Gracie, by her side.  Her work has been featured in The Great Lakes Review, Bethlehem Writers’ Roundtable Magazine, Halfway Down the Stairs, and Searchlights and Signal Flares.

MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Krystyna Fedosejevs – For a Worthy Cause

“Have you decided on a style?” the man asked, donning an apron.

“Curved upwards. Similar to mine but without thinned ends.”

The snipping started. Grey facial hairs landed all about.

The client looked at his freshly trimmed terrier and sighed approvingly. “Perfect. Now our moustaches match, aligning Woofember with Movember.”

Krystyna writes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Her published works can be found online and in magazines and anthologies.

MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Garett Pierce – Sandwich

I walked in to get a delicious sub sandwich. Behind the counter was a person who had a beautiful black moustache that could have been waxed and morphed like Salvador Dali.

I got my usual. I purchased my food. I glanced at the name tag of the sandwich engineer:


Garrett Pierce is a fun person who play a total of eight instruments.

MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Landon Fatino – Death of a Friend

A nightmare, a horrible, disgusting nightmare. It must be.

The idea of killing his adored companion, his partner, terrified him.

But he did.

Placing the razor on the counter, heart pounding, sweat dripping; the deed was done.

His top lip felt cold, naked.

Maybe the Mrs. would finally be happy.

Landon Fatino is a 12-year-old who enjoys baseball, theater, and other sports and activities. He is very funny and likes to make people laugh.