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Competitive Sleeping

“Among the demonstration events at these 2012 Olympic Games is Sleep Endurance: our two remaining competitors are nearly 48 hours beyond the previous world record.”

“That’s right, Jim. Wait, the referee’s signalling… It’s over! It seems the Brazilian competitor has died. ‘Snorebox’ Jones wins the gold! Let’s go awaken him.”

This story was based on a title suggested by @MetalTeeth9.

He Told Her

“I’m very rich,” he told her.

“I have seven doctorate degrees,” he told her.

“I’m an Olympic gold medallist in track and field,” he told her.

“I have starred in three different Broadway productions,” he told her.

“I’m wanted in fourteen states for forgery, perjury, and fraud,” he told her.

Something I Considered

I thought it might be fun to write something topical about the Olympics, since I just watched the Opening Ceremonies. I like adding a twist to things, so I considered writing about the Super Hero Olympics, possibly making a “Human Torch” joke.

But I realized that wouldn’t be very funny.