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Modern-Day Beverly Hillbillies

He called me at work. “The house is flooding!” he said, then laughed.

I rushed home, panicking. He was wading knee-deep through black sludge in the living room. “It’s crude oil!” he said. “It’s coming in through the bathtub! We’re rich!”

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have lit that celebratory cigarette.

This story was based on the prompt “it’s crude” at TypeTrigger.

He Told Her

“I’m very rich,” he told her.

“I have seven doctorate degrees,” he told her.

“I’m an Olympic gold medallist in track and field,” he told her.

“I have starred in three different Broadway productions,” he told her.

“I’m wanted in fourteen states for forgery, perjury, and fraud,” he told her.


He’d purchased the seventy-five foot yacht on a whim. With a fortune like his, such a toy was a trifle.

The first time he took it out, he “accidentally” ran over three sailboats and threw some lawyers overboard to handle it.

Bartholomew Regis Alberto Tanardier never thought about his initials.

@Charles_Mor told me to write a story about boats, so I did.