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Too Important

Mere minutes til the results are announced. Win or lose, succeed or fail… Which will it be?

She perches on the corner of her bed, clutching her phone. It rings.

Well?” she breathes.

“Hi, honey. It’s Mom.”

She hangs up in disgust. This is too important.

The phone rings again.

This story was based on the TypeTrigger prompt “minutes til.”

A Sense of Direction

She transferred to four different buses at random, closed her eyes and spun in a circle, walked down a few unfamiliar side streets, and wound up right in front of her house.


There was only one explanation: Mom hadn’t been lying; her father really had been a homing pigeon.


She stood at my door
one black glove, one red
and a lacy half-veil

Good evening, ma’am

I didn’t want what she was selling
but my kids did

Of course, they hadn’t heard
the asking price
the surcharges
the cost-to-benefit ratios

Just the allure
the affect

I’ve been there

This story is based on the prompt “one black glove, one red,” suggested by @big_poppa_G.
Editor’s Note: for clearest interpretation, read affect as a noun, which has been, lately, one of my favourite words.