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TIM SEVENHUYSEN: The Magical Cup and a Terrifying Beast

There once was a terrifying beast with shaggy hair and pointed teeth.

A pure-hearted village child possessed a magical cup. It always flowed with water, no matter how much you drank from it.

The child gave the cup to the beast, which devoured it.

Now the beast can’t stop peeing.

This story was based on a title provided by @DewMan001.

Todd Was Not So Brave

Todd had several seconds to contemplate the feeling of free fall. He was surprised to find that he hadn’t passed out. Maybe he was braver than he’d thought!

The instructor joked, “What would you do if our parachute didn’t open?”

The rest of the descent was warm, wet, and awkward.

It’s A Long Way to Las Vegas

“But I really need to go!”

“I’m sorry sir, but it’s in the contract you signed when you bought your ticket: no stops ’til we get to Vegas.”

“You can’t even pull over for a minute to let me pee?!”

“Sorry, sir.”

“Then I’ma use the window!”

“Very good, sir.”

This story is dedicated to the Desert Bus For Hope charity fundraiser marathon, which is raising funds for Child’s Play.