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The Awkward Commuting of Dragon-Hunter Darla

Darla’s commute was awful: it took two hours to get from her downtown apartment to the wastelands, where she hunted the secret dragons.

Her friends thought she was a paralegal. They might ask uncomfortable questions if she moved to the suburbs, and it was already hard enough hiding the scars.

The Monster’s Insides

There is a monster in the mountains that preys on bumblebees, daffodils, and woodland creatures, swallowing them whole into its enormous belly.

Some say there’s a garden in there, a paradise where the flowers bloom and the wildlife lives on, frolicking. They’ve forgotten that the monster once swallowed a bear.

This story was based on the prompt “in the mountains” on TypeTrigger.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: The Magical Cup and a Terrifying Beast

There once was a terrifying beast with shaggy hair and pointed teeth.

A pure-hearted village child possessed a magical cup. It always flowed with water, no matter how much you drank from it.

The child gave the cup to the beast, which devoured it.

Now the beast can’t stop peeing.

This story was based on a title provided by @DewMan001.

Or Were They Foul?

A chill wind was in the air, and fell beasts were on the prowl.

Or maybe they were fallen beasts. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two.

One of the beasts fell out of the sky, landing on a beast that had previously fallen.

Ah, who needs this?