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Our World’s Most Precious Resource, or Livin’ in a Trailer by the Lake

Water is my favourite drink
I sure find it delicious

If some old bad guy stole it all
I’d find it quite malicious

What would we do?
Where would we go?
We’d get so dehydrated

That’s why I built this reservoir
And sat down here
And waited

My lifestyle’s underrated

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: The Magical Cup and a Terrifying Beast

There once was a terrifying beast with shaggy hair and pointed teeth.

A pure-hearted village child possessed a magical cup. It always flowed with water, no matter how much you drank from it.

The child gave the cup to the beast, which devoured it.

Now the beast can’t stop peeing.

This story was based on a title provided by @DewMan001.

Valerie the Vegan

Valerie the vegan decided to spend a week eating nothing but baby carrots and drinking nothing but water.

After one day she felt funny.

After three days she felt strange.

After five days she felt weird.

After seven days she felt… orange.

That evening, while she was sleeping, she sprouted.

Courage Under Fire

Twelve days had passed since my enemies’ arrival, each day spent cowering in fear under a mossy overhang as projectiles exploded left and right. Brokenness and waste were all around me.

Today, I would fight back. I felt my weapon’s comforting heft, stepped out, and soaked my cousin so bad.