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A pH of 2ish

Gideon was filling in a hole. He was filling it with acid and dirt, but mostly acid.

He hoped a polar bear would fall in and have all its fur burned off, and then he could laugh at the bear for being naked.

His plan didn’t really extend beyond that.

Sun Day in Antarctica

It was Sun Day in Antarctica.

The penguins had been waiting all year to don their sunglasses, waddle out from their igloos, and flop onto their backs to catch a few rays.

Nearby, the evil communist polar bears peered through their binoculars, awaiting their leader’s signal.

Luckily, Pingu spotted them.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: A Warm Wind at the Poles

The igloos were melting.

On the one hand, the warmer temperatures meant there would be more people around. On the other hand, it meant they’d soon be staying in tents. Tents were easier to break into, Percival the Polar Bear knew, but he found that igloos kept the humans¬†fresher.