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A Joyous Occasion

“Ow! Oooooow!! Ouch! Ooh… Aah… Huuuaaaah… OH!! Woooow… Whoa! Aaaah! It burns! Eeeeek! Aaaaargh! Nyyyuuuurrgh… WWWAAAAAAAAUUGHH!! Hoooly mother of painburgersssss… GRROOOOAARGH IT HURTS SO BAAAAD!! No, why, why!?!? Ooow!! Never again! I swear on your grandmother’s grave if you ever even BHAAAAAUGH!!! OW OW OW!!”

“…I said I was sorry.”

Truth is as Strange as Fiction

When Hayley and Greg were little, they played Make-Believe.

First, they pretended to get married.

Second, they pretended Hayley was pregnant, though they didn’t know how it happened.

Third, Greg did an emergency Caesarean-section on Hayley with a steak knife.

When they grew up, they did it all for real.