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Too Important

Mere minutes til the results are announced. Win or lose, succeed or fail… Which will it be?

She perches on the corner of her bed, clutching her phone. It rings.

Well?” she breathes.

“Hi, honey. It’s Mom.”

She hangs up in disgust. This is too important.

The phone rings again.

This story was based on the TypeTrigger prompt “minutes til.”

NEWS: Draw Results

It happened later than I originally intended it to, but the draw for the contest to win a print copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One has taken place!


I guess I should say who won, then.

I put all the names into a hat, and mixed ’em up good.

Then I closed my eyes, swirled ’em all around, and pulled out…

Congratulations to sketchlayerJosh, who entered via Twitter! I’ll be getting in touch so I can send a book winging its way along to you (Canada Post permitting).

Thank you to everyone who got involved on Twitter and Liked my Facebook page to enter.

NEWS: GeekingOutAbout Contest Results

The 50-word story contest over at www.GeekingOutAbout.com has wrapped up, and the winners have been announced!

Congratulations to Chris Fries and Leslie Hanna, who won an ebook copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One, and to D.C. McMillen, whose story The 8:15 Train (which you can read below) earned the $25 top prize.


The 8:15 Train

We purposely collided on the 8:15. Before reaching this pivotal moment, we’d spent weeks admiring each other from afar. She laughed, taking the blame for our faux collision. Some small talk, then we played hooky at a nearby hotel. Now I take the 7:45.


It was a great contest, and really difficult to judge. Head over to the GeekingOutAbout post to read some more of the really strong entries.

NEWS: Valentine’s Day Contest Recap

I posted some thoughts about the Valentine’s Day contest over at TimSevenhuysen.com, including what I liked about each of the stories that were posted today.

In total, 22 people submitted 29 stories for the contest, and I really enjoyed receiving and reading them all. I hope you’ll all submit more stories in the future, both for other contests and for weekly guest stories.

Also, as a special thank you, if you submitted a story for the contest I’ve emailed you a thank you note which contains a 50% off coupon for the Volume One ebook bundle, so if you use that coupon before February 21, the bundle is under $2!