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Sick of Being Single

“I’m sick of being single.”

“Yeah, me too. It’s totally lame. It’s hard to do anything about it though, you know?”

“Well, this is kind of counter-intuitive, but apparently if we don’t want to be single anymore, we have to split.”

“Worth a try. Anything’s better than staying single-celled forever.”

Probable Descent

“Eighty-six consecutive rejections. I give up.” He downed his scotch.

“Pessimist,” I scoffed.

“Just let me crawl down into my Deep Hole of Lonelitude.” His glass being already empty, he downed my scotch next.

Nearby, a withered, watery-eyed man in a wheelchair said, “Psh. Romance? Wouldn’t solve your problem, anyways.”

This story is based on a title suggested by Jeremy Quinn. It is a companion to his previous title suggestion, Unlikely Ascension.