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“Hey man.” I could hear Marv’s half-baked grin through the phone.

I sighed. “Fall off the wagon again?”

“Kinda! I’m still sober, but I broke my hip falling off a hay ride, and I’m suing big! Awesome, eh? Gonna miss some meetings.”

Being Marv’s sponsor drove me to drink.

This story was based on the TypeTrigger┬áprompt “falling off the.”

Everything in Moderation

“Hi. My name is Jeferee, and I’m a ruleaholic.”

Everyone intoned, “Hi Jeferee.”

“I think it began when my parents named me. I mean, my name actually rhymes with ‘referee’…”

The others nodded sympathetically.

“I’m here to get help.”

“We’ll have you jaywalking again in no time!” said his sponsor.