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“Hey man.” I could hear Marv’s half-baked grin through the phone.

I sighed. “Fall off the wagon again?”

“Kinda! I’m still sober, but I broke my hip falling off a hay ride, and I’m suing big! Awesome, eh? Gonna miss some meetings.”

Being Marv’s sponsor drove me to drink.

This story was based on the TypeTrigger prompt “falling off the.”

Everything in Moderation

“Hi. My name is Jeferee, and I’m a ruleaholic.”

Everyone intoned, “Hi Jeferee.”

“I think it began when my parents named me. I mean, my name actually rhymes with ‘referee’…”

The others nodded sympathetically.

“I’m here to get help.”

“We’ll have you jaywalking again in no time!” said his sponsor.