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NEWS: Audience Choice Award Polling

It’s time to vote!

Help pick the winner of the Audience Choice Award from the five finalist stories that were posted today.

The finalists are

The winner will get the opportunity to help me come up with the next Captain Blackbird short story! (I’ll probably also offer them a free ebook.)

[poll id=”2″]

Voting closes on Tuesday, February 28, at midnight.

NEWS: Pirate Week Audience Choice Award

Did you think the awesome collection of prizes for Pirate Week was big? Well it’s about to expand again!

In addition to giving out prizes to one winner and two runners up, I’ll be making a selection of stories available on Friday for Audience Choice voting. Whoever wins the Audience Choice Award will be given a very special prize: they will have input into the next Captain Blackbird pirate adventure short story I write!

I hope everyone’s looking forward to reading all the great stories that are going to be posted this week. I’ll be posting about six stories each day, so check back throughout the day if you won’t want to miss anything.

Also, since I received so many entries I won’t be posting any stories that I wrote myself this week. I have enough work to do scheduling them all and doing the judging! :)

Aye or Nay?

The clock ticked and tocked.

“We must come to a decision quickly!” the professor implored them.

“A vote!” cried Vincent.

Six ayes; three nays.

“The ayes have it,” said the professor. “We shall spread our toast with strawberry preserves. Vincent, make the preparations.”

But fate dictated other arrangements: peanut butter.