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“Honeybuns, could I have that stapler? Thanks!”

“Honeybuns, could you grab me a pen? Thank you!”

“Honeybuns, could you stand up so I can scrape some honey off your bum onto my toast? Much appreciated!”

Ever since an ironic factory accident, Mr. Honeybuns had become much more popular at office.

Where’d They Get a Toaster Big Enough?

She ate toast obsessively. Her friends called “Toasty McToaststerstonst,” even though she told them it was completely ridiculous to have that many esses and tees in one word.

For Halloween she dressed up as a piece of bread and some drunk guys stuffed her in a toaster. She got burned.

Aye or Nay?

The clock ticked and tocked.

“We must come to a decision quickly!” the professor implored them.

“A vote!” cried Vincent.

Six ayes; three nays.

“The ayes have it,” said the professor. “We shall spread our toast with strawberry preserves. Vincent, make the preparations.”

But fate dictated other arrangements: peanut butter.