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NICCOLO SKILL: In the Moonlight

A man convulses in the grass, fire licking at his nerves. The pain is exquisite but familiar. He grinds his teeth to stay quiet. When his molars crack, he bites his tongue. Clothes split over gorging muscles.

Under the light of a full moon, a wolf convulses in the grass.

Niccolo Skill is an author of flash and micro fiction. He currently lives in his home state of New York, where he attends Paul Smith’s College.

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KAY LESGO: Werewhat?

Dort awoke naked in a clearing. Snow burned her cuts and bruises as she rose to her hands and knees. She had neither muzzle nor fur, only pale skin and weak muscles.

She sniffed the air and recognized her pack nearby, but they were all human, too.

Cursed and doomed.

Kay Lesgo has worked as a journalist and radio personality, but now makes actual money at an office job.  Kay is currently working on her first novel and several short stories and still wants to be a writer when she grows up.

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BARB ETTRIDGE: Gathering the Fruit

Jim sniffed. “Smell the sweetness?”

“Yes. Lovely,” Sam said. “I like the ones that have just fallen.” He studied the plump morsel, the nectar inside straining against its skin. “A real peach.”

Jim took a bite and licked his muzzle. “It’s werewolf heaven, all these humans dying from sun stroke.”

Barb Ettridge is totally bemused by life, but enjoying all the randomness.

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Arius had been lucky tonight. A car had grazed his leg while he was walking along a moonlit country road.

The driver likely never saw him.

His grandfather told him a full moon represented protection to those who believed in its power.

Arius stopped, raised his wolfish head, and howled.

Greg Didaleusky has written two novels. Rogue Phoenix Press published Frozen Death, a mystery-suspense novel, in 2009, and Concealed Warnings, a suspense novel published by All Things That Matter Press, is coming fall 2011.

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