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The cowboy drank until he’d had enough, then topped off his flask for later.

When he turned to go, a couple mean-looking gents had gathered.

“Had enough?” said one.

“Got my fill.”

“Well at this lemonade stand most folks pay before they drink. Now give the little girl her quarter.”

This story was based on the prompt “had my fill” at TypeTrigger.

Lyin’ For Love

“I’m just a lonely cowpoke,” Billy admitted. “I ain’t no gun-totin’ hero, really.”

“Aw, shucks,” Milly muttered. “I was countin’ on you to save my ranch from Bad Bart!”

“I’m awful sorry, Milly.”

“Don’t be, darlin’. Truth is, I’ve been lyin’, too.”


“Y’see, pardner, I actually am Bad Bart!”

Kyle Farnsworth: Buffalo Keeper

He was a subculture within a subculture. Cowboys called him “bisonboy,” which wasn’t technically accurate, but it had a better ring to it than “buffaloboy.” He listened to country southern music and wore a 9-gallon hat.

But when he was sad, his tears made mud puddles, just like everybody else’s.

This story was based on a title suggested by @metcarfre.

Brain-Dead Bill

“This town ain’t big ’nuff fer the two of us,” drawled Brain-dead Bill.

“I’m very sorry,” said his mother to the guests. “Ever since poor Bill was shot in the head he’s been repeating silly lines like that.”

“This town ain’t…”

“Bill, you have to share the Fisher Price toys!”