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Lyin’ For Love

“I’m just a lonely cowpoke,” Billy admitted. “I ain’t no gun-totin’ hero, really.”

“Aw, shucks,” Milly muttered. “I was countin’ on you to save my ranch from Bad Bart!”

“I’m awful sorry, Milly.”

“Don’t be, darlin’. Truth is, I’ve been lyin’, too.”


“Y’see, pardner, I actually¬†am Bad Bart!”

Solve For X

Mister Murder Mouth cackled villainously. “If you want to live, answer this mathematical skill-testing question! Multiply my social security number by the cost of replacing my birth certificate!”

“Evil, dirty, filthy, rotten cheater!” I cried. “You’re an illegal immigrant! You have no SSN!”

“Blast,” he said, and I walked free.

This story is based on a title suggested by @metcarfre.

Y-People Origins: Plague Girl

Everyone was avoiding Martina like the plague. (Well, to be fair, they only avoided her “like the plague” because she had the Plague and was quarantined, but they did it very rudely!)

Martina stewed in resentment until she became an evil villain. Then she died. Of the Plague, of course.