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Keep Your Hands, Legs, and Necks Inside the Vehicle At All Times

George and Geoffrey Giraffe, those rascally brothers, were bored one day, so they decided to “borrow” a helicopter.

“We’ll have a whale of a time!” they told each other. “Let’s tie a net to the chopper and dredge up an orca!”

But they’d forgotten that their necks were so long.

This story was based on a call for two mammals and a vehicle. @BlameWizards provided giraffe, whale, and helicopter.


“Did you know there’s a species of cow that has four bladders?”

“Where did you read that?”

“International Bovinarium Magazine. Also, they can hold their breath underwater for three hours, and their flesh tastes like boiled daffodils. It’s true!”

“Whatever, man.”

The Oft-Whizzing Cow-Whale: a true treasure of Mother Nature.