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Trouble With the Neighbours

Billy Goat was waiting in the yard when Mrs. Wolf came strolling by with her son in a stroller.

“Good morning,” said Mrs. Wolf.

“Have you seen my squirrel?”┬ásaid Billy, icily.

“Your little pet?”┬áSomething inside the stroller squeaked desperately. “Ah,” said Mrs. Wolf. “Well, boys will be boys!”

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: The Opportunist

The howling of wolves pierced the frosty twilight air.

“If I weren’t so scared for my life,” whispered Mina, “I’d find that eerily beautiful.”

“I think it’s still possible to find something beautiful when you’re scared,” whispered Frederick.

“Are you flirting with me?” asked Mina.

She never got an answer.


Two glowing eyes peered at me from the shadows: wolves.

I blinked, and there were four eyes. Then six. Then ten.

Then… Thirteen?

I did a quick recount. Thirteen? That didn’t make sense. Had one lost an eye in a fight?

Ah, it had just been winking. I winked back.