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Trouble With the Neighbours

Billy Goat was waiting in the yard when Mrs. Wolf came strolling by with her son in a stroller.

“Good morning,” said Mrs. Wolf.

“Have you seen my squirrel?” said Billy, icily.

“Your little pet?” Something inside the stroller squeaked desperately. “Ah,” said Mrs. Wolf. “Well, boys will be boys!”

The Monster’s Insides

There is a monster in the mountains that preys on bumblebees, daffodils, and woodland creatures, swallowing them whole into its enormous belly.

Some say there’s a garden in there, a paradise where the flowers bloom and the wildlife lives on, frolicking. They’ve forgotten that the monster once swallowed a bear.

This story was based on the prompt “in the mountains” on TypeTrigger.

But There’s Cake

Bollenhall is not a nice place. It is hot, dry, and boring. Very few tourists go there on vacation.

Most of Bollenhall’s residents leave when they reach adulthood. The mayor passed a “free cake on Thursdays” bylaw to convince people to stay.

Bollenhall’s residents are hot, dry, bored, and fat.

This story was based on the prompt “but there’s cake” at TypeTrigger. Read other writers’ responses here.

The One Who Ate It All

Kevin, like most men, tended to measure himself by his accomplishments. That was why he worked so hard to get his picture up on the wall at Mister Meatmouth’s Restaurant.

“I ate it all,” he told his friends, “in one sitting.” They respected him for that.

Inexplicably, most women didn’t.

This story is based on a title suggested by @KittyCatalyst.

Delicious and Nutricious

Milos wanted to stand out, to be remembered.

As he wheeled the life-sized, entirely edible cake replica of himself into the room, he knew he had succeeded.

Every member of the cannibal collective oohed and aahed.

“The volunteer provides dessert, right?” Milos beamed. “Now you get to eat me twice!”