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ALEX GROVER: 01001100 01101111 01110110 01100101

He and she became they on a warm and gentle autumn afternoon. They were lucky it wasn’t raining.

Dressed in black and white, surrounded by fax machines, computers, televisions, all close friends in their lives, they beeped in love when the minister told the laptop he could plug the printer.

Alex Grover is a third-year student at Rowan University. He has been published in Outrageous Fortune, Postcard Shorts, Trapeze Magazine, and Linguistic Erosion. He is editor-in-chief of Yorick Magazine, an online venture he began with Cody Steinhauer in 2011.

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Was used to be a bouncer. Before it stood stupid in sentences, neither adding to nor taking away meaning, it slouched outside nightclubs, blending in with bricks. If Was kicked you out, though, you were blacklisted. Because Was never forgets mistakes. Instead, it lords the past over us. Even now.

Francisco Delgado lives with his wife in Queens, where he has taught at various colleges. In the fall, he will begin his doctorate studies at Stony Brook University. He appreciates you reading.

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The Earth in Her Movements

Their emotions raged like wildfires. Their passions rumbled like earthquakes. Their fears echoed like windblown whispers through the valleys.

They whirled in their orbits, teasing each other, admiring one another’s moons, coming close and then dancing away, all the while singing to themselves, “She loves me; she loves me not.”

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RYAN HALL: Cubed or Crushed?

Ten minutes later, Jon was still staring into the open refrigerator.

“I thought you weren’t hungry,” Stephanie said.

“I’m not,” Jon replied, closing the door. “Ever wonder if it gets lonely?”

“The fridge?” she asked.

Jon nodded.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

The fridge tried not to cry.

Ryan Hall is a computer programming graduate student at the University at Buffalo in NY, hoping to go into game design. He started writing microfiction to deal with stress from programming projects.

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Claude and Clod watched as the farmer scraped the floors of the barn with the tractor and pushed the manure into a pit.

“He looks sick,” mooed Claude. “Think his milk has gone sour?”

“Don’t try to assign a cow’s traits to a human,” mooed Clod. “That’s just plain foolishness.”

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