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Aesop Says

A dog fell in a hole. The hole was very deep.

“Help! Help!” cried the dog.

“I will help you,” said a cat. It reached into the hole, but the dog barked and frightened it away.

It never pays to be mean to cute kitties. Kitties are great. Yay kitties!

Perfect Unity

It had been a fantastic idea, in theory.

For months they had lived together in harmony, sharing a common home and a common purpose.

Then the new litterbox arrived. From that day forward, it was every cat for himself.

Except when they were puppeteering Obama. They still did that together.

Why Cats Smile

Cats smile because

  • They can sleep up to twenty hours each day;
  • They can be mean and rude, but people still consider it a joy and privilege to pet and scratch them; and
  • Other people prepare their food and clean their litter boxes.

But mostly, it’s the justifiable superiority complex.

This “story” is based on a title suggested by @Haberley. And for the record, I love cats.